Rolling hills and soaring birds of prey?


Or the sting of salt water on scratched skin.

The park bench you eat lunch on next to the bin.


An old pot of basil that you kept alive.
Last year’s festival turned mud slide.


Mama nature is as diverse as we are.

Our places, our rules, our way, our future.
They say Britain is divided - we say nah.

We all want nature protected better tomorrow than today.

In 2019, the UK will leave the EU.

It’s a chance for us to redefine nature policy.


An important opportunity to make it about our future,

as well as protecting our heritage.

We’re redefining nature for a new generation.
#InOurNature, what’s in yours?

What does nature mean to you?






Easter Warm Up Sermon



The Light

 It's a crucial time for nature policy. 

 UK environment secretary Michael Gove 

has promised a ‘green Brexit’...

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It's #InOurNature to want better and to think bigger. Join us. we want to help him keep his promises and redefine nature policy for the better.
By showcasing the UK’s ‘nature revolutionaries', we can define our relationship with nature for a
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