On Friday 24th November,

we're asking our supporters to join our

Day of Action

After decades of decline, nature in the UK is at a cross roads. At this time of political change, we have a duty to not only to secure our current environmental laws but to go further.


We need to push for laws that drive the recovery of nature, so that people across all four countries of the UK can know the thrill of being outdoors in wild places and being inspired by spectacular wildlife. Nature matters to millions of people regardless of political outlook.


Last year a YouGov survey revealed that people throughout the UK want nature protection to be better after the UK leaves the EU, regardless of whether they voted to leave or remain.

Here's what you can do...


Find out who your local MP is using UK Political Info and ask them

how nature can be better protected in the future

We've even put together sample tweets for you to use:


We must secure our current nature laws then go further – it’s #InOurNature is it in yours? #EUWithdrawalBill

Nature should be better protected tomorrow than today. Will you support strong laws for the future? #EUWithdrawalBill #InOurNature

Don't let nature laws fall through the gaps - will you support strong independent governance in #EUWithdrawalBill #InOurNature 


The more noise we make, the more likely they'll listen. 

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